Dental Assistant, EFDA


Lily brings a couple of decades of experience in the dental industry to her patients at New Albany Smiles. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Dental Medicine from Centro Escolar University in the Philippines. After moving to the United States she pursued additional training at the Ohio State University where she obtained her EFDA (Expanded Functional Dental Assistant) license, which allows her to place dental restorations. Lily is passionate about oral health and its systemic connection, and how proper oral care is vital to overall health. Patients value Lily’s vast knowledge and kind, gentle manner.

Lily loves to travel the world and experience different cultures and as a result, she has experienced unique and significant events in her life. She was involved in the historic peaceful revolution to oust the then Philippine dictator, Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. She’s even survived driving on Germany’s famous “Autobahn” and lived to talk about it! Lily’s most cherished time, however, is spent with her husband and three children.