After Dental Surgery

Post-Procedure Instructions after Dental Surgery

Most everyone will experience some type of dental surgery in their life.  The most common type of dental surgery is wisdom teeth extractions, followed closely by connective tissue grafting and normal tooth extractions.  If you have just had dental surgery, have one scheduled, or taking care of someone who is recovering, you may find some helpful information of proper care of the surgical site as well as a list of soft food ideas for you!


Proper cleaning of a surgical site

It is imperative to clean the surgical site so bacteria does not interfere with the healing process. Please follow the directions that you received from your dental professional.  You may gently swish with warm salt water for 48 hours after your dental procedure.  DO NOT USE HOT WATER!  You may also take any pain medications that were prescribed, or over the counter pain relievers to combat sensitivity. Once you are able to brush the surgical site, use an extra soft toothbrush to clean the area. DO NOT USE AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH until you are advised to resume it in the surgical site.  Cleaning the area is imperative for the healing of this site.

If you are experiencing discomfort or concerned about the healing process, please do not hesitate to call us at 614-775-0840 where Dr. Angart leaves his personal number to return the calls of existing patients.

DON’T do this after dental surgery

  • Do not drink HOT liquids like coffee or tea.  You may have these warm or room temperature
  • Do not use an electric toothbrush
  • Do not eat crunchy or hard foods – soft foods only.
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages
  • Do not remove your own sutures – yes, people do this and its not smart!
  • Do not miss your follow up appointments

Dental Implants

You may begin using the extra soft toothbrush that we sent home with you at your appointment.  This brush is meant to be used for only 10 days after the implant placement.  It is imperative to keep this area clean so that bacteria does not interfere with the healing process.  Once tissue is healed and sutures have been removed, cleaning it like your natural teeth is imperative for the healing.

SOFT FOOD IDEAS after surgery

• yogurt
• baked vegetables
• chicken broth / soup (warm, not hot)
• pasta
• mashed potatoes

More soft food ideas can be found HERE on our website 

Visit our PINTEREST PAGE for more soft food ideas after surgery


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