Canker Sores and the Dental Laser

canker sores

Canker Sores and the Dental Laser

 I recently read an article on the internet about canker sores and what to do about them.  We seem to have quite a few patients in our practice that have this problem so I was interested to see what, if any, treatments we could offer that we might not be aware of.  The title of the article was:

“7 Effective Canker Sore Treatments”.

The 7 treatments were: Salt water and sodium bicarbonate mix, Hydrogen peroxide solution and water mix, Milk of Magnesia, Liquid Antihistamine (Benadryl), Over the counter oral care products/ mouth rinse,  Oral medications and Corticoid Steroids.  So, nothing new with any of these…however, what did surprise me is that the most effective treatment wasn’t on the list…What about the Dental Laser? Did you know that we are one of the very few dental practices in Columbus, Ohio that are able to offer this type of technology?

The dental laser is a very effective treatment for apthous ulcers and canker sores.  The stinging sensation is eliminated in seconds and the healing is rapid and uneventful.  Did you also know that dental lasers are used to facilitate healing of other oral soft tissue trauma such as: Teething, Irritation from Orthodontic wires, Denture sores, Extraction sites, Periodontal therapy and injuries?

The next time you have a canker sore or any other of the problems listed here, give us a call as soon as you feel the first sensation…we can eliminate the pain and suffering that they cause. (614)775-0840

FOLLOW UP to Canker Sores and the Dental Laser

canker store illustrationThank you all for your calls inquiring about the Canker sores and the Dental Laser.  There were 2 questions that were asked multiple times  so I thought I’d address them..

1.”How much does it cost?”  AND….

2. “Will my dental insurance pay for it?”

The answer is, that the cost depends on how severe the lesion/lesions are, how many follow up visits it may require and the amount of time it takes to laser the sore.  It can be as low $ 49.00 up to $125.00.

The second question is Yes and No??? We have found that the majority of dental insurance companies will cover this procedure, however, there are always plans that will not pay for this type of procedure and until we bill them, we won’t know.  I can tell you this…we will do our best to maximize whatever your dental benefits are to insure that you get the maximum coverage for you.

While I know cost is a big factor when deciding to have a procedure done, in this case, remember…the sooner we get to the lesion, the sooner it goes away…Call as soon as you feel the initial sensation…We will get you in as soon as possible to check it for you and will go over your benefits and the cost for the procedure.


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