Baby Teeth – How do I take care of them?

BABY TEETH  – How do I take care of them?

Having a baby is hard enough, then you have to worry about their mouth!  Here are some useful tips and a Baby Teeth Chart that can serve as a guide for you!

pediatric brushing

WHAT TO EXPECT at the first visit

Your child should see the dentist when you can see the first molar appear (13 – 18 months).  This quick appointment will

  • Check their growth and development
  • Look for cavities
  • Review their oral hygiene routine
  • Advise Parents on what they can expect

TIPS from Dr. Angart

  • FIRST visit when the 1st molars appear.
  • Limit juice consumption
  • Off of the bottle by 1 year old
  • Brushing Twice Daily
  • Toothpaste should be the size of a grain of rice
  • Switch to a fluoride toothpaste when the first molar appears.  (See toothpaste tip!)

If you struggle to brush your child’s teeth, watch

^^^THIS VIDEO for some help!^^

Please call us to schedule your child’s first appointment with us!  614.775.0840

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