Baby Teeth – How do I take care of them?

Baby Teeth – How do I take care of them?


grindingBABY TEETH  – How do I take care of them?

Having a baby is hard enough, then you have to worry about their mouth!  Here are some useful tips and a Baby Teeth Chart that can serve as a guide for you!


baby-tooth-chartWHAT TO EXPECT at the first visit

Your child should see the dentist when you can see the first molar appear (13 – 18 months).  This quick appointment will

  • Check their growth and development
  • Look for cavities
  • Review their oral hygiene routine
  • Advise Parents on what they can expect

TIPS from Dr. Angart

  • FIRST visit when the 1st molars appear.
  • Limit juice consumption
  • Off of the bottle by 1 year old
  • Brushing Twice Daily
  • Toothpaste should be the size of a grain of rice
  • Switch to a fluoride toothpaste when the first molar appears.  (See toothpaste tip!)

If you struggle to brush your child’s teeth, watch

^^^THIS VIDEO for some help!^^

Please call us to schedule your child’s first appointment with us!  614.775.0840

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  1. Thanks Daya! We are glad you enjoyed it! We start seeing children around 18 months old for their first dental visit if you are interested!

  2. These are some really great tips. The video was very helpful because brushing their teeth gets kind of messy and doing it twice a day like you said is very important. Am trying to cut out the juice and plan on taking them for a checkup very soon. Thanks

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