Children’s Dental Health Month

happy brushingDental Experiments for Children’s Dental Health Month

This month is about making teeth fun for our kiddos!

Teaching a child the importance of dental health is important so they can keep them for a lifetime.  This is SO hard for a kid to understand – so its our job as professionals to instill the best habits we can.  Did you know that Dr. Angart started working in pediatrics after graduating from dental school?  Yep – that’s why he is SO AWESOME with kids! Our hygienist Jacque’ and Kim are also wonderful with teaching the kids about their oral health too.  Our entire clinical staff is here to make each and every appointment for your kiddos wonderful.

If you’ve seen our fish eNAmel (get it – NA for New Albany)- and quite of few of you have – be sure to leave a comment on this post about him too!  The children LOVE brushing his teeth but we love showing the kids how to place dental sealants, floss and brush all of those large teeth on eNAmel too!


You can perform these fun activities, using items you have at home!

  • Brush large teeth by recycling large 2 liter bottles and painting the insides white.  Place them on red construction paper and give the kids an old toothbrush.  You could even place some jelly on the “teeth” that the kids can brush off.  Time them too!  It shows how long it takes to get it off of their own teeth.
  • Use Playdoh, Legos and string like Mrs. Lirette!
  • In addition to these fun activities – visit our Pinterest page about Children’s Dental Health



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