Debunking Dental Mythys and Legends

happy dental patient

There are plenty of dentistry myths and legends floating around in daily conversation. If all you knew of dentists came from movies and TV shows, you might think we’re all torture artists.

Spoiler alert: we aren’t! Dr. Angart is amazing!
Myth 1: If your teeth are white, your teeth are healthy

Decay and gum disease can lurk behind white teeth. Whitening does not treat tooth decay

Myth 2. Bad breath means you have poor oral hygiene.

Poor oral hygiene is only one possible cause of bad breath. Foods, illness and certain medications are other causes.

Myth 3. You should put an aspirin on an aching tooth

Aspirin causes acid burns to gums and lips and doesn’t work unless swallowed.

Myth 4. Wisdom Teeth cause crowding

Traditionally this is not the case.

Myth 5. Everything hurts

Not true at all! Dr. Angart is able to make visits as comfortable as possible. Simple cleanings can actually be relaxing and refreshing. When it comes to more serious work like root canals, implants, and fillingssedation dentistry, numbing agents, and laser dentistry can help eliminate almost all pain. What really hurts is a toothache that should have been taken care of months ago.

Don’t let the myths scare you away!


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