Electric Toothbrush Cleaning

Many Americans have electric toothbrushes and if you are reading this post…you probably do to.

As a dental hygienist, I feel a particular sense of pride in keeping a clean toothbrush. My patients expect that it glistens and the bristles never wear.  Id like to say yes – your dreams are my reality.  But, we are human too!

We all do it…use the toothbrush and place it back on the charger only to realized that seemingly overnight there is a “film” of dried toothpaste and saliva that has built up.  Don’t judge me people, I’ve seen some of your nasty brushes too.

By simply tossing the old head an placing an new one on, it will look 75% better but we HAVE to clean that handle too.  I’ve seen some brush handles that are completely coated in this gunk.  To the point that it leaves a gross ring on the countertop.  So here’s my PSA on cleaning the electric toothbrush.

3 Easy Steps to Clean the Electric Toothbrush

First Gather all necessary supplies

Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton balls (1 only needed one for this job)

Cotton swabs (to get in the nooks and crannies)


Remove the toothbrush head.  Either set this head aside if you are not yet due for a new head (change it when that indicator shows as seen in a previous post) or throw it out.  Next, soak the cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub away that gunk.  Repeat with freshly soaked cotton balls as needed.  You may also use the cotton swabs to get around the neck of the attachment and around the buttons.


Secure a new toothbrush head on top and enjoy your fresh clean brush.  I recommend a Sunday cleaning or wipe down so that it doesn’t get bad again.  Maintainence is key :)

Feel free to share with comments on how clean you were able to get your brush.  Or, even if you have more tips on cleaning these!

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