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Welcome to the future of dental imaging!  Our PlanMeca is a new way to take radiographs that you’ll see it when you come to the office!.  We bought this for you!  By using a very low dose of radiation to take a bitewing radiograph, Dr. Angart is able to see your teeth and preventatively take care of your mouth more thoroughly.  The design and operation are based on the latest scientific research, technological innovations and the most demanding needs of modern-day radiology.

Simply stand in the machine, bite on a stick and VIOLA!  The result is a bitewing image pair with low patient dose and excellent diagnostic quality

The annual radiographs that Dr. Angart takes are for prevention of decay, monitoring existing restorations and bone levels to prevent progressive disease.  We also have the ability to take a Cone beam CT Scan (CBCT) with this machine. This allow Dr. Angart to look at a tooth in 3D to see a root canal, bony changes and answers several other questions that we can not see on a 2D Bitewing radiograph.

The Old way

  • The dental professional places a large, uncomfortable vest on top of you along with a tight thyroid collar.
  • They insert an uncomfortably large sensor or plastic bitewing almost into your throat
  • You are asked to hold still
  • The hygienist or assistant walks slowly to who-knows-where and you hear a buzzing noise
  • They come back into view and pull out a slobber filled sensor or cardboard piece – only to reinsert it at a new position
  • Whew – you are glad thats over!
  • Wait – only 3 more!  (or 14 more if you have crowns or root canals and other dentistry)

The New Hi Tech Imaging

  • Nothing inside the mouth
  • Bite on a stick
  • We position you in the lights
  • Low Dose Radiation where the operator can see you
  • DONE!

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