LASER Dentistry – no more pain!

A “No-Drill” Approach

For many people, a trip to the dentist means the sound of drills, cavities, fillings and a high anxiety level. Now, a “no-drill” approach is available at our office!  We have a very effective laser to not only prepare a cavity, but also to numb the tooth so the patient does not need a drill.  Our patients LOVE this!

Watch our video on Dental Lasers by Dr. Angart  << here

How long have they been around?

Our practice has been using laser diagnostic tests for dental decay for many years, which has helped eliminate the need for drilling and filling.  This has been 95 percent effective and even the 5 percent of teeth that did not turn out to have cavities could be easily sealed and protected.

The laser has been an amazing tool for our patients.  For the past 25 years I have used several different types of lasers. Right now I use the most versatile and technologically advanced laser which is a Waterlase.

  • Removes cavities with no shots
  • Conservative treatment for periodontal disease

Heals cold or canker sores removing the pain instantaneously

How does it work?

The Water-laser works by atomizing water molecules to comfortably clean out cavities without the need of local anesthetics, so not shots! It allows for a much more conservative treatment of periodontal disease and will instantaneously remove the irritation from canker or cold sores most times with only one treatment.

When in the office don’t hesitate to ask us about many of the other technological breakthroughs that our dental laser can do.

What can you see?

X-ray and diagnostic tests (see CariVu technology) can also show areas that are in the beginning stages of decay, which can allow Dr. Angart to remineralize the areas with topical solutions, special toothpastes and good home care.



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