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Fluoride Varnish


It’s painful to drink a cold beverage or eat your favorite ice cream. You even struggle with the simple act of brushing your  teeth with cold water. Every dentist and dental hygienist across the nation knows the answer: Fluoride. When it comes to research, the evidence is showing time and time again that fluoride [...]

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Dental implants owe success to advances in technology, materials


Dental Implants Thanks to advancements in technology, there are permanent solutions to tooth loss that cold make you forget somethings gone missing. Materials Made of biologically compatible titanium, dental implants are artificial roots that take the shape of a rounded or fluted screw.  They provide the foundation for crowns and affixed dental bridges, and can [...]

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Teething Children


Teething Children : Finding Relief The Process Well before most babies cut their first tooth, a marked increase in drooling and putting things in their mouth usually occurs around the second month.  This extra saliva generally signals that your child's salivary glands are preparing for an upcoming diet of solid foods. On average, the [...]

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How to Handle Dental Emergencies


Tips on handling a dental emergencyIt never fails - the unexpected happens during the worst case scenario.  A toothache, broken tooth, knocked -out tooth, lost filling or crown and abcess are all dental emergencies.  A Sunday evening toothache, a knocked- out tooth during the Championship baseball game or a dental crown that comes off during [...]

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Jack Meslow


Talk about IMPRESSIVE! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS The National Merit® Scholarship Program has now determined which of the 16,000 Semifinalists named in September 2017 have met all requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the competition. All Finalists will be considered for National Merit Scholarships to be offered in 2018. We are [...]

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Electric Toothbrush Cleaning


Many Americans have electric toothbrushes and if you are reading this post...you probably do to.As a dental hygienist, I feel a particular sense of pride in keeping a clean toothbrush. My patients expect that it glistens and the bristles never wear.  Id like to say yes - your dreams are my reality.  But, we are [...]

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Children’s Dental Health Month


Dental Experiments for Children's Dental Health Month This month is about making teeth fun for our kiddos! Teaching a child the importance of dental health is important so they can keep them for a lifetime.  This is SO hard for a kid to understand - so its our job as professionals to instill the best [...]

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Everyone focuses on your heart health. THIS will help!


Linking your Dental Health to your Heart Health Do healthy gums mean a healthy heart? There’s no question that regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups can keep your mouth healthy.  If you have bleeding gums, research proves that your heart medication is not as effective as you think it is.  Why?  Your body is [...]

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Oral Health – More Important than you think


Your mouth is the entrance to the rest of your body Whether you are speaking to your Primary Care Physician, an Internist, Internal Medicine Doctor or Specialist, they all agree --- "The health practitioner you should see the most of in your life if you're healthy is your dentist" The old thought was "they're just [...]

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Dr. Angart is so good that I fly 500 miles to my appointments!
Jeanne S.
I've been going to Dr. Angart's for 10 years now. Everyone who works there is friendly and positive and in great spirits. I wouldn't consider ever going anywhere else. For most of my life I hated going to the dentist, now I look forward to having a great experience and well cared for teeth every time I visit.
James M.
Awesome team, state of the art treatment, care for you like family!
Jeanette N.

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