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Want to stop using Tobacco? Now you can!


Want to stop using Tobacco? Now you can! Quit for a day, or Quit for Good!Morning breath has nothing on tobacco breath.  Besides your health, tobacco cessation should be a top priority for you this year.  Here are some QUIT TIPS for you!Avoid triggers and situations that urge you to [...]

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Hi Tech Imaging


Hi Tech Imaging Welcome to the future of dental imaging!  Our PlanMeca is a new way to take radiographs that you'll see it when you come to the office!.  We bought this for you!  By using a very low dose of radiation to take a bitewing radiograph, Dr. Angart is [...]

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Organ Transplants and Dentistry


Organ Transplants and Dentistry Organ Transplants and Dentistry The transplant of an organ from one human to another is a miraculous accomplishment, yet it only marks the beginning of lifetime efforts to address the side effects of anti-rejection drugs and efforts to minimize infection. More than 33,600 organ transplants occurred in [...]

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CARROT CAKE GRANDMA HIER’S CARROT CAKE This is the most decadent, rich and delicious carrot cake you will ever eat!   Do you know Grandma Hier?  Of course you do, her daughter is Paula Deen.  Enough said. If you look at our Birthday Lunch photos - you will KNOW [...]

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Candy Buyback


9th Annual Halloween Candy Buyback  Thurs, November 1st & Fri, November 2nd, 2018 Jeffrey L. Angart, DDS buys your Halloween candy back from your kids for $1 per pound! 240 B Market Street in New Albany, Ohio (beside Starbucks and Mellow Mushroom) CANDY BUYBACK 2018 FACEBOOK EVENT LINK [dt_divider style="thin" /]  2017 Candy Buyback Results [...]

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Halloween Candy Buyback


Halloween Candy Buyback Halloween is coming and normally its hard for your dentist to get excited about that day because of all the candy your kids will eat.  However, this year will be different.  Don't you just wish that on the day after Halloween that your kids' sacks full of [...]

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Sugar- Free Gum


Sugar- Free Gum SUGAR FREE it what you think? The American Dental Association has confirmed that chewing sugar-free gum in between meals and after snacks is extremely beneficial to oral health. The act of chewing itself stimulates the flow of saliva which helps wash away leftover food particles. [...]

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Tooth Sensitivity 101


Tooth Sensitivity 101 What causes sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity may be an insignificant, temporary problem, or it may indicate something more serious that needs immediate attention. Sensitivity can be the result of many things including… hard brushing causing the erosion of tooth enamel, clenching or grinding, tooth decay or a more serious [...]

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Dr. Angart is so good that I fly 500 miles to my appointments!
Jeanne S.
I've been going to Dr. Angart's for 10 years now. Everyone who works there is friendly and positive and in great spirits. I wouldn't consider ever going anywhere else. For most of my life I hated going to the dentist, now I look forward to having a great experience and well cared for teeth every time I visit.
James M.
Awesome team, state of the art treatment, care for you like family!
Jeanette N.

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