Teri’s 60th Birthday

Join us in wishing Teri a Happy 60th Birthday on October 21st by leaving her a comment below!

Teri joined Dr. Angart’s office in 2005 after being a consultant in the dental field for 20 years.  Originally from Seattle, Washington, she relocated here to Columbus, Ohio in 2004 where she resides in her Westerville condo with her two dogs, Zoey and Scarlett.

She enjoys reading, cooking, movies and visiting with her dear friends.

Here are the top reasons we love Teri

  1. she has become an AMAZING cook and we just LOVE her Carrot Cake recipe!
  2. her outfits are always classy, stunning and awesome (we want her to start a clothing blog)!
  3. her ski bunny stories
  4. she provides a great laugh with silly things she does.  (Ask her about the trash bag as an umbrella!)
  5. she gives mouth open kisses to her dogs.
  6. her love of dogs.
  7. her obsession with pimple popping videos
  8. she has amazing costumes and great hair –>
  9. She buys us donuts!
  10. Her incredible shoe collection

Happy birthday Teri!  We wish you all the best on your special day!


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