Ways to Pay for Your Dental Procedures

Ways to Pay for Your Dental Procedures

We are always happy to hear that you have dental insurance when we sit down to discuss your dental needs, the cost of those needs, and your options for paying for them.

The first thing we do when discussing your particular situation to have Dr. Angart examine you to learn what needs to be done for the short and long term to provide you with long term dental health. We will then discuss with you the costs of various options and how much we estimate your insurance will cover, and let you know what your personal responsibility will be.

Questions about Paying for Dental Procedures

The questions we typically get at this point include:

  • "How can I pay for my share?"
  • "Do you take payments?”
  • "How much will my insurance cover?”

The answer is always yes, you can pay a multiple of ways, and yes we have plans that allow you to make monthly payments, and yes we can expect some sort of payment from your insurance benefits. So far so good.

The ways we have for our patients to take care of their dental treatment fees are:

  1. Payment in full with 5% courtesy (cash or check only).
  2. Pay half at the beginning and the balance upon completion.
  3. Care Credit payment options (described below).

We accept all major credit cards and are happy to not have to pay a fee to them if you pay by cash or check. This allows us to gift you a 5% courtesy.

Care Credit is an easy way to get interest-free financing if you qualify. Once an application is made, within one minute you know if you are eligible. You can go online to fill out the application in privacy or we will be happy to do the application with you while you are here. Regardless, if you pay off the entire amount financed in full at the end of the agreement, then it is totally interest-free. You can use their money for the entire length of the financing agreement. NOTE! They will bill you for only a minimum payment each month for the term of your loan, and this minimum payment is not enough to cover your loan during that term. Once the term is up, they will charge a VERY HIGH interest rate RETROACTIVE TO THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT OF THE LOAN!

Therefore, if you use Care Credit, it is imperative that you either:

  1. take the entire amount borrowed and divide it by the length of time you are borrowing (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) and make that your monthly payment; or, better yet,
  2. make the minimum payment each month and pay the loan off in full at the end of the agreement - before the term is over.