When should my child make their first visit to the dentist?

When should children make their first visit to the dentist?

Do I really need to bring my child to the dentist at 18 months?

Children need their first dental exam at 18 months. During this first, and very short, visit we want to make sure the baby teeth are coming in properly, check the plaque levels on the teeth and work with the parents on how to provide their baby with the best possible oral care.

We do our exam with either Mom or Dad holding the child in their lap.

Around age three should be your child’s first full dental check-up and cleaning.

During this appointment we are checking for the proper development of their teeth and jaw, removing plaque, checking for cavities and applying a fluoride treatment to strengthen their teeth.

  • Very short first exam at 18 months
  • Age 3 - first full dental exam