A game changer

Smile before and after

dentist “Getting veneers at New Albany Center for Dental Health has had a huge positive impact on my life.  I had gotten used to my worn teeth and was not expecting the difference they would make. The whole process with Dr. Angart and his expert team, from getting molds taken to finally getting them placed, was a great experience. The office has advanced technology and the staff are extremely knowledgeable.  They take their work seriously, are always friendly, explain procedures well, and are overall masters in their craft. I now have confidence in my smile and could not be more happy.  Thanks guys!”

Dr. Angart and Ostap first met in 2008.  Ostap was 18 years old and had been through a significant amount of dentistry already. The result of wear on the front teeth was due to the way his teeth were hitting together (occlusion).  Finding the main cause of etiology, or why the problem has occurred is important to ensure that the teeth will last after they are restored back to their original form.  Ostap was able to have veneers placed and bring his smile back.  Dr. Angart created veneers to match his masculine facial features and rejuvenating his smile.


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