Sterilization Protocol

Infection Control COVID 19 Update


Our #1 concern is patient safety. Things look different and will be different. This page will describe some of the measures we are taking to protect our team, our patients, and do great dentistry.

Various protocols are in place in our dental office to prevent cross-contamination of infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens. We use appropriate filters and disinfectants for the contact time that’s necessary in order to effectively reduce the bacteria present on surfaces. Our sterilization protocols include the use of internal and external indicators and biological monitoring of our filters and sterilizers. Lastly, our dental water lines are disinfected and regularly tested to eliminate transmitting diseases from patient to patient. Our new dental units are specifically designed to help eliminate this phenomenon.


If the patient reports signs or symptoms of fever or respiratory illness, they are encouraged to contact their medical care provider. We will reschedule as needed.


All eligible employees are fully vaccinated and are screened for symptoms of COVID-19. They are encouraged to stay home if they or anyone in their household are positive for COVID 19 symptoms. In addition, they are given regular reviews of infection control protocols to ensure everyone’s safety during this time.


At a minimum, the use of level 3 surgical masks and gowns will be worn when treating patients. You may also see us wearing N95 masks and face shields.


Our state of the art sterilization center implements biological monitoring and chemical indicators to meet three critical variables of time, temperature, and steam. This evaluates the sterilization ability of the autoclave directly through the killing of resistant organisms.

In addition to proper disinfection and sterilization, maintenance of equipment is also regularly completed. This can prevent the development of bacteria within the water lines. Water lines are tested daily and are flushed at the beginning of the day end of the day and in between our patients.
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