Smile Gallery

Check out our patients’ amazing transformations.

The proof is in their smiles! These patients visited our dentist, Dr. Angart to address insecurities they had about their smiles, and now they put their personality, happiness, and confidence on display. We use advanced techniques including porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening to expose your most beautiful smile yet.

Dr. Angart used the highest level of porcelain techniques to plan and achieve these beautiful porcelain crown results.  Our in-office lab creates custom shading to match existing work while achieving this symmetrical all-porcelain result.

This patient wanted to refresh her smile after orthodontics damage to her enamel.  By creating veneers on her 6 front teeth, Dr. Angart was able to create an attractive result to make a lasting impression.

This smile deserved a healthy makeover by whitening her teeth. New Albany Smiles is a top KOR whitening provider.

Cosmetic excellence, stunning smile.  These 8 porcelain crowns removed spaces, increased symmetry, and created a healthy result.

Enamel can be different for everyone and sometimes attract more stains.  Dr. Angart used bonding and his artistic talents to create a cleaner, healthier-looking smile.

A combination of porcelain veneers and crowns were used to update the asymmetry this patient desired to correct.

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile with simple KOR teeth whitening!  This gentleman chose to easily whiten his teeth to create a healthier smile.

Dr. Angart in New Albany removed damaged enamel caused by antibiotics when this patient was a child.  By placing bonding to sculpt, mixing several colors of material, he created a lasting impression that is sure to make him smile again.