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Smile Makeover

If you have concerns about your tooth color, crooked teeth, teeth shape, missing teeth, or a gummy smile, then perhaps you would make a great candidate for a smile makeover. There’s never been a better time to make cosmetic dental improvements to your teeth that will brighten and enliven your smile. Dr. Angart is a skilled cosmetic dentist, who, along with his talented team, has the training and equipment to transform your smile into one you’ll proudly want to show.

Cosmetic Dentistry is where Dr. Angart and his team can showcase their artistic and engineering talent to bring your dreams for a beautiful smile to reality. There are so many dental advancements available that can improve your smile remarkably. We will listen to your wants and needs and assess your facial features and digital images to create a personalized smile design just for you.

With treatment plans that include procedures such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants, teeth-whitening procedures, orthodontics, gum line alignment, and more, your confidence and self-esteem will increase as your smile lights up rooms.

Especially unique to our practice is our in-house dental lab where all of your cosmetic creations can be overseen by Dr. Angart and they’ll be perfected to match your mouth. Your new smile will be comfortable and your teeth natural-looking. Also, if minor adjustments need to be made to one of your dental crowns, for example, Dr. Angart and his team can adjust it right then and there, instead of sending it to an off-site laboratory, thus saving you time throughout the process.

The experienced cosmetic team at New Albany Smiles cares about your well-being. The oral health and appearance of your teeth can affect how you feel about yourself. Allow our team the privilege of cosmetically improving your smile and give yourself a gift that will continue to give for years to come. You’ll not only feel more confident but more than likely, you’ll behave more confidently, too.

To learn more about the New Albany Smiles makeover, contact us at 614-739-0819.

before and after before and after
before and after before and after


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