Project Description

Laser Dentistry

New Albany Smiles has invested Waterlase by Biolase® to perform a variety of procedures with minimal pain, bleeding, or recovery time. Like other fields of medicine, now dental patients and dentists are able to reap the benefits of this amazing technology.

Dr. Angart and his caring team at New Albany Smiles want the best for you, their patient. For that reason, Dr. Angart has invested in the Waterlase dental laser, a technologically advanced device that is able to take dental procedures to an all-new level. Dr. Angart can perform many procedures with little discomfort, intrusion, bleeding, and recovery time for you, which improves not only the care you receive but how he performs the procedure for you, as well.

What dental procedures can benefit from a laser being used?

Dr. Angart will use his Biolase laser to perform all of these treatments with little intrusion to the affected area and minimal pain, bleeding, and recovery for the patient:

    • Frenectomies (tongue-tie)
    • Cold sores/ Canker sores
    • Decay removal without local anesthesia
    • Crowns
    • Assist with deep cleaning or root planing
    • Hard and soft tissue gum procedures

What are the benefits of using a laser for my dental procedures?

Not unlike medical surgeries that once required cuts and can now be done with a laser, many dental procedures can be completed without cutting tissue. When Dr. Angart uses the Biolase laser to perform your dental procedure, you will have a very different experience than you did with a traditional method of dental treatment. For example, in the case of treating a cavity, the laser more than likely eliminates the need for anesthesia to numb the mouth and you will no longer hear the sound of a high-pitched drill to fill the cavity. This means the procedure requires less time to complete, there is less inflammation, and you experience less discomfort and healing time. Patients who undergo treatment using a laser system will have less reason to be fearful or anxious about going to the dentist.

Does a laser procedure cost more than a traditional dental procedure?

No, the cost of the dental treatment you receive is the same no matter which method is used. Dr. Angart will discuss with you his recommendations for the best method to treat the dental area of concern. Together, you will determine the best course of action for your dental care.

New Albany Smiles is proud to provide the most advanced equipment available. The technology available today enhances our patient’s experience and makes our care even better, as well. We look forward to sharing these advantages with you and making your dental health the best it can be.


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