Open and say Ahhh…

It’s not what you expect

You might expect this title Ahhh… to imply opening your mouth wide (it is from a dental office after all).

What if we actually mean “Ahhh…” to be relaxing.  As in taking a deep, relaxing breath and a long sigh of relief?

It’s what you need

You don’t like the dental office because of anxiety?  We’re used to that.

You haven’t been to the dentist in awhile?  Its ok, you’re here now and we can help.  We WANT to help you.  We LOVE patients like you.

Follow this quick and simple relaxation strategy below.

  • Record your voice by using a video on your phone to record the following paragraph
  • Close your eyes, relax and enjoy this small relaxation moment for yourself
  • You can do it while your in the dental chair too!  Just put your awesome voice on replay.

Take a moment for you

One reason the breath is such a powerful relaxation tool is that deep breathing invites letting go in parts of the body where strong emotions are held.

Take a moment to breathe normally through your nose and noticed what parts of you move.

Once you have a sense of where the breath moves freely, consider any parts that feel closed off.

Could you relax your shoulders and let the breath spread across your collar bones?

Try softening your jaw and letting your teeth separate a little.

Imagine the breath moving through your face.

Tension in your shoulders may mean you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world.

A tight jaw could signal that you’re having a hard time expressing yourself.

Noticing these sensations is the first step in acknowledging our feelings, and breathing into them allows us to soften and open up.

Images and excerpt by Edward Jones 


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