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The clock is ticking on your dental benefits

Take advantage of these money saving tips!

dental saving tips

Soon we’ll be welcoming a new year. But before 2018 comes to a close, you may still have dental plan benefits available to you.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your benefits in the final weeks of the year.

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1. Schedule a checkup.

Have you seen us for two preventative hygiene visits and exams in 2018? If not, try to get an appointment before the end of the year. Preventive care — such as cleanings, oral cancer screenings and radiographs — may be covered at no extra cost as part of your benefit plan when you see Dr. Angart.

2. Review your deductible.

If you’ve already met your deductible this year, many visits and services may now fall under your coinsurance. That means, depending on your benefits, your plan might pay a percentage of the allowed amount for covered services.** There might still be time to make use of that benefit.

3. Check your FSA or HSA balance.

Do you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health saving account (HSA)?** Now is the time to check your balance. And don’t forget to confirm if there is a deadline by which you must use that money for qualifying dental expenses. With some accounts, those dollars are “use it or lose it” by the end of the year.

4. Maximize your tax savings.

Do you have a health savings account (HSA)?** You can reduce your taxable income by contributing up to the maximum amount allowed by law. That amount depends on your age and whether you are single or have a family. The tax-free money you save in an HSA rolls over each year.

5. Review your dental care spending.

Look over how much you spent on dental care this year. Knowing those numbers may help you compare your dental plan options during your next open enrollment period.

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