Non- mint toothpaste

Non-mint toothpaste

Do you have an aversion to mint toothpaste?  Many adults experience this same trouble in trying to find a different flavor that they can enjoy.

If you have an aversion to  the taste of mint, then it is best that you try ones that have a different flavor. Hopefully, they will be useful to you and you can find a good toothpaste that will make you and/or your kids happy. When you scroll down below, you will find some incredible non mint flavored toothpastes.  These items offer effectiveness, enjoyment and features that you will like. 

Our office offers a Rx toothpaste Clinpro 5000 in a bubblegum flavor

The 3 Day Rule

Whenever you try a toothpaste, give it three to seven days. Your mind often expects too much from these toothpastes. If you see lemon, cinnamon, orange, and so on, you expect the flavor to be exactly like those. Often times the flavor comes very close but not exactly. If, after three days, you do not like it, move on.

Options you can look for over the counter

All toothpaste geared toward children can be used safely.  These are often times you best bet when it comes to several safe and effective options of toothpaste.   These toothpastes have the same amount of fluoride, a gel consistency and many flavor options.

What it SHOULD have

If you are looking for a mint – free toothpaste, this is what it SHOULD have.

  • Fluoride
  • Non abrasive agents

Call our office today if you are interested in toothpaste samples that are not mint flavored!


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