Ohio Allergies and Dental Pain

Ohio Allergies and Dental Pain

Are you one of millions of people suffering from seasonal allergies?  Do you wake up with a headache, aching jaw or tooth pain?  Dr. Angart helps many patients during Allergy season, and he can help you too!

Do you suffer during Ohio’s Allergy Season?

your jaw muscles are tough!If you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies in Ohio, consider yourself lucky.  But seriously, have you walked down the aisle at the local drugstore!  There are millions of options available to us.  From Decongestants, Runny-nose and cough relief to eye drops and homeopathic oils.  Take whatever you need, as prescribed by your doctor, to get some sort of relief.  Please know, that whatever you take can also affect your mouth.  A popular relief used by many are anti-histamines.  These medications usually contain a D in the name (Allegra-D, Claritin-D, etc) and  can also cause a dry mouth, so be cautious.

If you’re not congested, try taking just an antihistamine AND ibuprofen for at least 24 hours. If you feel congested, take a combination decongestant / antihistamine AND ibuprofen for at least 24 hours.

Do you wake up with headaches?

If you aren’t sleeping well at night from congestion or a cough, you could wake up with headaches or an aching jaw.  If these symptoms are acute, it may just be from untreated allergies or a cold.  If these symptoms persist and are chronic, we should do a thorough review of your TMJ to assist you with relief.  This could include wearing a mouthguard at night, fabricated by Dr. Angart.  This can save your teeth from wear, fractures and progressive weakening of the tooth structure.

If your headaches are focused in front of your ears (the temporal area), this could be a sign of grinding your teeth.  Otherwise known as bruxism, this chronic habit will lead to wear and fractures on your teeth.  Children can sometimes grind their teeth too! Read more about grinding your teeth in this City Scene Article featuring Dr. Angart.

Do you suffer from tooth pain?

Some people often find that their upper teeth will throb or even experience tenderness when chewing.  If this happens, please call us at 614-775-0840 so we can check it out.

You could also have a layer of mucocitis (a layer of mucous) in the sinus.  Sometimes, our upper teeth roots can be in the floor of the sinus cavity, causing an inflammation and in turn, symptoms.  We won’t know for sure unless we check it out!

Some simple things that can give you a clue whether your sinuses are causing your teeth to hurt:

  • a change in position, tipping your head forward and back, and your teeth hurt,
  • going down stairs and your teeth hurt,
  • standing on your toes and forcefully dropping on your heels and your teeth hurt.

You may also be suffering from a bacterial sinus infection or a tooth abscess if it lasts more than a day….so again….please call us!  614-775-0840


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