Oral Health – More Important than you think

Your mouth is the entrance to the rest of your body

Whether you are speaking to your Primary Care Physician, an Internist, Internal Medicine Doctor or Specialist, they all agree —

“The health practitioner you should see the most of in your life if you’re healthy is your dentist”

The old thought was “they’re just teeth- pull them, is no big deal”.  But the mouth is the entry point to your entire body.  Anything going on in your mouth can have an affect on your other organs.   In fact, neglecting the health of your teeth and gums – which can lead to gum disease – has been linked to numerous health issues including:

If you pull a tooth- you’ll also need to replace that site with a dental implant, bridge or some other restoration that could possibly get an infection STILL.  Dr. Angart is an experienced dentist and can help you with any dental issue that you may be having.

A 2011 study by European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology equates the negative effects of gum disease on conception to that of obesity.

Females and Gingivitis

Hormones can play a big role for many women when it comes to gum inflammation and gingivitis.  This makes women more susceptible to gum disease during:

  • monthly periods
  • pregnancy
  • puberty
  • menopause

Makes it sound great to be a woman huh?  The good news is that most dental problems like inflammation can be reduced by proper oral hygiene of brushing and flossing.

Common Questions

  1. How often should you see a dentist?  Frequency should be tailored to your needs.  For healthy adults, every 6 months should be adequate, while those at higher risk for gum disease should be seen more often. Call us at 614-775-0840 or contact us using our “Contact Us” Page at the top.
  2. Why do my gums bleed despite brushing and flossing every day?  It is not only how many times per day that you brush and floss that is the key to preventing gum problems.  Equally important is how effectively your technique is when you are doing your home care.



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