Probiotic Ice Cream may boost oral health in kids

Recent research is being done to see if probiotic ice cream may boost the oral health in kids.  Its worth trying out as a parent….for research sake :)


Here is why…get ready for some science here to help you understand.  The specific probiotic bacteria that was researched is bifidobacterium lactis bb-12 and lactobacillus acidophilus.  The bacteria that causes decay (caries) is called streptococcus mutans (S. mutans).  The combination of these 2 probiotics in functional ice cream or yogurt have been shown to cut levels of the caries causing bacteria in the mouth, S. mutans.happy woman with dessert


Probiotics can benefit the oral health in the mouth in many ways.    Dental plaque is related to diseases such as caries (cavities), gingivitis and periodontitis and even reducing bad breath (halitosis).  For those that aren’t efficiently removing the dental plaque (think brushing once a day, or rushing the toothbrush), these diseases WILL occur.  Dental plaque converts sugar to acid, thus attacking the enamel on the teeth and producing caries.  The probiotics basically inactivate the S. mutans and produce a significantly lower result of the S. mutans in the saliva.  The positive impact in oral health from this probiotic bacteria is showing caries PREVENTION….amazing!  AND…after 30 days with no probiotics…the bacteria levels were still maintained at a low level.


After one week of daily consumption of probiotic ice cream, S. mutans levels were significantly reduced.  Further studies and options need to be explored but we know that probiotics are extremely beneficial when it comes to oral health.  In light of these results, adults may also want to experiment with eating a daily probiotic ice cream….a good excuse!  So, this is good news, and an even better reason to eat some probiotic ice cream on a hot, humid day in New Albany, Ohio!


Information for this blog can be referenced here: is good news, and an even better reason to eat some of our local Yogeez yogurt on a hot, humid day in New Albany, Ohio!


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