Purple Toothpaste

Does purple toothpaste work?

smiling patient

Most of the purple dental products on the market are actually a foam or gel and not a toothpaste. All of the fine print states that these products are not to be used as a toothpaste. Toothpaste is essential to cleansing the surfaces of the teeth and adding anti-bacterial, sustainable ingredients in the saliva that are not easily rinsed away with your natural saliva.

The foam or gel can be swished or applied for 15 seconds at a time and claim to last a day to see them whiter. This occurs because the teeth are actually being dehydrated to give a short-term perception of whitening them. These products do not remove stain and penetrate the surface of the teeth to bleach them. To have successful absorption of bleach into the tooth structure, the product must contain carbamide pero