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Are you brushing long enough?

New Albany Smiles2020-02-18T20:46:21+00:00

Are you brushing long enough? Commit to brushing your teeth for two full minutes, twice a day. Sounds easy, right? But most adults don't come close to brushing for the full 120 seconds that dentists recommend. Try timing yourself tonight and see how two minutes stacks up to your regular brushing routine. [...]

Are you brushing long enough?New Albany Smiles2020-02-18T20:46:21+00:00

Fluoride Varnish

New Albany Smiles2021-09-21T15:22:48+00:00

Fluoride Varnish It’s painful to drink a cold beverage or eat your favorite ice cream. You even struggle with the simple act of brushing your  teeth with cold water. Every dentist and dental hygienist across the nation knows the answer: Fluoride. When it comes to research, the evidence is showing time [...]

Fluoride VarnishNew Albany Smiles2021-09-21T15:22:48+00:00
  • The power of fluoride